Tuesday, October 9, 2007

My Middle Name

I begin this post with an apology to my sister who tagged me for a middle name meme some time ago. (Sorry, Michelle!) I have to admit that even though my middle name is (thankfully) short, I still found myself unable to finish the assignment. Then I realized that I will never be as clever as some people and that it did not matter if I was witty either. I am merely shooting for not droll! So, here goes:
M: mother-in-law. Yes, yes, I know: 36 years old is a tender age to have something so significant as a daughter-in-law, but there it is. As of August 10th, I am, in fact, a mother-in-law. Soon, I will move to the next stage: grandmother...probably while my own youngsters are still in grade school...weird.
A: adaptable: since I have moved umpteen times in my life, I feel that my skills in adapting to change are somewhat refined. I can even adapt to the possibility or rumours of change! Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't...I'm OK with that--something my husband appreciates about me.
E: enteric: now, this one seems off, since 'enteric' means 'of the intestines'--but what I mean by this is that I often take action by gut instinct; hence, the reference to the intestines. If it doesn't feel right in my gut, then I am not happy about it. This 'gut instinct' is wrapped up in the 'still small voice'...

OK, there it is. I know this seems random, and it is, but is more entertaining to read on blogs than random stuff??? Isn't that what it is all about?

ps. this is a picture of me nearly 12 years ago just before (we're talking minutes) I married Dave...that day, I gained a mother-in-law, changed from single to married and went with my gut: Dave and I were married 5 weeks after we met...the proof is in the pudding!


luisaj said...

I loved the name thing. You are very good at self-assessing. And, I might add that you and Dave make very good pudding. ;)

Luisa Perkins said...

D'oh! Mom beat me to it. 'Cause it is a good pudding. Nice job! Is there anyone you are going to tag now? (It's okay if there's not.)

luisaj said...

I LOVE your hair!

Jenna said...

I liked this! It was interesting, and you made a lot out of three dear little letters.

You got married after 5 weeks? Now I don't feel quite so bad with my 8. Although the pudding's still cooking, and sometimes we get that horrid skin on the top. I prefer instant pudding, but I'm learning here.

David Goodwin said...

I love you and always will! Enterically, and we do make good pudding.