Monday, October 15, 2007

A Credit Card and a Penny

When I run in the mornings, I usually run up or down Kamehameha Highway. This is not my preference; there is simply no other place to run that is longer than a two-mile route. I run along the shoulder of the highway, often running into the "rough" to avoid puddles, buses and trash cans. It is necessary for me to look down at the ground for most of my run to avoid stepping off the road or rolling my ankle on any number of tree pods or rocks. Thus, I find things. Mostly, I find trash or cast-off items of clothing or lone slippers, which I leave on the ground. But on almost every run, I find money. Which I pick up.
Now you may think that this is strange. Do I need the lone penny I find on my run? Not necessarily, but I admit I am a trifle superstitious, as in "Find a penny, pick it up, and all day long you'll have good luck." I cannot resist that chance! Now, however, I pick up whatever change I find along the way.
Truthfully, this habit was originally started by a friend of a friend. It was my friend Lynette's friend Gerry that picked up every piece of change she saw on her runs over aseveral years and ended up finding enough money to fund a trip to Disneyland for her family with the money! No joke! When she got sick one year, Lynette and I started looking for change on our runs to give to Gerry so she wouldn't feel like she was missing out on her findings. Now that I run on a road where I have to look down most of the time, I find change and copy friend Gerry. My record (in change) on a run is $1.32. I once found a ten dollar bill in the gutter during a 5-K race ad still managed to place in my age group despite stopping to pick it up! Last Saturday's long run yielded 32 cents. This morning, as I was about to cross one of the footbridges on my route, I found someone's bank card. If I were a dishonest person, this would be a jackpot! But I picked it up and brought it home to see if I could contact its owner. Oh yeah, I also found a penny.

ps.this picture was taken during the 2006 Honolulu Marathon. The runner you cannot identify is me, I swear.


Luisa Perkins said...

But I totally identified you!

If I thought I could find money running outside, I might just leave the treadmill behind.

luisaj said...

I read your post last night. This morning as I was walking into school I saw a penny on the sidewalk.I started to walk on by, but then I remembered what you said and picked it up and put it in my pocket. Maybe in thirty years I'll have enough to go to Disneyland.

anjmae said...

cool. perhaps I am a trendsetter after all...
you should, at least occasionally, leave your treadmill anyway! :)

Karlene said...

Found you through the buzz.

That is cool. Almost makes me want to start running. Almost.

My husband is always picking up pop cans. He calls it our retirement plan. :)

dgoodwin said...

Pardon me, but I'm not going to hold my breath for a paid trip to Disneyland. maybe a Gatorade now and then, but not Disneyland LOL

Your love for exercise has a great effect on our home.

Jenna said...

I just read your entire blog, Angie, and I love it! This post was great. I'm not really a runner...well, not at ALL, unfortunately, but I do find a lot of money in the dryer! Just last week in the baby's laundry I found a ten dollar bill! Maybe's he's got some side job I don't know about? But I'm charging the kid!