Monday, October 8, 2007

A Little Rant (and a little rave)

OK, I got caught up in a snit with the world the other day on my run and I cannot seem to let it go. So maybe if I share, it will get out of my head. First, let's start with the rant (bad news first, right?)...
It bothers me when I fall in love with a product (or at least serious like), and then the company stops making it. Does this happen to you, too? For instance, I am very picky about how my jeans fit, so when I finally find a pair I like, I try to buy two pairs. But what to do when you go back a mere week later, and the jeans, with the same labelling, fit completely different? I fell in love with the men's Low Rise Relaxed Fit jeans at The Gap and went to get another pair--a relative bargain at $49.50--and brought them home to enjoy. Alas! I put them on and they were thigh-suckers!! I bought the men's jeans specifically because they did NOT suck my thighs, and here they were, doing that very thing! I was disgusted. I haven't bought a pair of jeans since...what to do? Here are a few other examples:
1. Brooks Mach 1.0 running shoes: light, durable, affordable. Imagine my disgust when they announced these shoes were being replaced by another, an "update", an impostor! Needless to say, I bought every pair in women's 11 that I could find (6 pairs). I have not found their equal...and I ran out of them about three years ago.
2. The Body Shop's Indian Gardenia perfume. I LOVE this stuff and, yet, it is nowhere to be found. My good friend Berenice said her favourite scent--Mango oil--is no longer made by the Body Shop either. sad...but true.
3. The blue kind of Neutrogena body wash--oooh, I love that stuff! no can find...
4. A facial exfoliator called Apotek that was the only thing that kept the pimplies off of my forehead in the humid climate where I I have them again :(

oh, the ranting.
Now on to the RAVE:
1. I love fall weather. Lovely air, cool mornings, crispy leaves, gorgeous colours--all accompanied by that wood-stove burning smell in the background. (Michelle and I have discussed this...I am living vicariously through her East Coast fall experiences.)
2. Who has had Zabar's apricot streusel long pastry thing--perhaps my very favourite treat on this planet! I need to go there...
3. I smile when I think of the way my daughter is all warm and snoozy when she wakes up. Her crinkly eyes and bed-head are just the best!
4. Birthdays. Anyone's birthday--but especially mine. They are just so FUN and what a great day to do whatever you want! (within reason, of course)
5. The best socks: my Asics Kayano socks that have a right and left foot. These feel so nice on my arches and I never, ever get blisters wearing them, even if I have just come off of the beach after a run but still have sand between my toes for the last few miles until I get home...
6. Attached to the above are my running shorts that I have 6 pairs of. If they EVER stop making these, I will SCREAM!
7. I appreciate sunrises that only vary about an hour throughout the year. This seems to contradict #1 (where I love the fall, which has continually later sunrises until winter), but I have no fall weather here. This daylight consistency is very good for my love of, it is good for people to see the sunrise. It is so fortifying!
8. Butter. mmmmm, I love butter. I love butter pie crust and butter melted on wheat toast and a dollop on my old-fashioned oats with maple syrup. Butter is good. I run to eat things made with butter...

So this is an abbreviated list, but I was thinking of the little pleasures that make life lovely and fun. Tell me about something that you love...or what have they stopped making that you wish they hadn't? I need replacements, reinforcements! ack!

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Luisa Perkins said...

I tell you, if they ever stop making the Chico's pants that I love, I'll be hating.

Balenciaga stopped making my favorite perfume in all the world, "Michelle," long ago. I still hope they'll bring it back someday.

Whenever I'm reading a new series, I try to buy all the books at once, because once in awhile one of the books will somehow become unavailable. Grrr. That's a problem.

But I love you! And Frigor chocolate! And Malabrigo yarn! Yummy!