Monday, April 21, 2008

Thoughts on Settling...

Well, well, we are once again dog owners.  I really like the idea of having a dog, especially if only to satisfy the deep yearning of Faith's for said dog.  She really wanted a puppy, but after several questions, we found that what she really wanted was a small dog, not necessarily a puppy.  Most often puppies start out small and cute-like, and then grow up (which I prefer).  But what Faith had in mind was something small that she could, say, carry.  Like a doll.  

However, Daisy has other ideas.  She is an independent little dog that is very friendly, but not as cuddly as Faith had hoped.  Daisy does like to take a lot of walks, which suits Faith just fine. But she is not completely house-trained and she has this annoying habit at barking at anyone who is under four feet tall.  So, if we go to the park, she just goes into this small-people-barking-frenzy, which drives me mad.  

Having a dog makes us feel settled.  Like we live here or something.  Which I will have to come to terms with, sooner rather than later.  I am making progress:  I go to the gym, I have made plans with various members of my family and old friends, I drive the speed limit on the freeway (instead of under the limit!), I have a mailing address, a library card and frequent customer card at the local health food store.  Am I a local now?

When we lived in Hawaii, we were never considered locals.  We wouldn't have even if we lived there for 20 years!  Being a local means you have to have been born there, whether Polynesian or not.  Living there long-term merely bestows the title "transplant" and that is just that.  In Utah, however, no one cares about that kind of thing.  You either live here or you don't.  You can say you came from another place, as in:   "I've just moved here from Hawaii" or "I grew up in California" but the simple fact of the matter is it just doesn't matter.  We may want it to, perhaps to differentiate ourselves from our neighbours or ward members, but it really doesn't. 

Either you live in Utah or you don't.  And if you do, you better like what it has to offer or suffer:  it is our very own decision!  hahahahahaaaaaaa (evil laughter trailing off into the distance...)  

Monday, April 7, 2008

Back on the Mainland Again...

Well, we are now living in Utah.  I know, I know, I have been talking about this forever, and I was accused by several people that we were never really moving.  But we did.  And now we live here.

But where is here?  We are, so far, homeless.  We are camping out at Dave's parents' house, en route to a new (to us) home.  Where will we land?  What does the future hold for us?  Will my children be happy?  What is going to happen, for heaven's sake?!?!

Ever since we have been talking to the children about moving to Utah, we have promised Faith a dog when we got a new house in Utah.  Now, what do you think Faith talks about, day in and day out?  A dog, a puppy,  or any combination thereof.  We have looked at several pet stores, searched every pet adoption website in the area.  Last night, Faith came moping upstairs well after she had been put to bed, crying about how she cannot possibly fall asleep without her puppy!  She truly and honestly meant the puppy that we do not actually have yet!  Yikes!

So, with a house and a new neighbourhood, we will also have a puppy.  Or a dog.  Or whatever.  I am happy to get her that one thing, after all this up and down, back and forth, transitions and camping out.  If that is all it takes, for her, for now, I am all for it.  

Plus, I like dogs!  Life is wuff...

ps. Nothing to do with the post, but this picture is from our hike out to Kaena Point, which is the northern-most point of the island of Oahu.  In the background are monk seals, which come up on the shores of the island to rest.  Faith is always overjoyed to see animals; any kind will do...