Friday, January 22, 2010

On My Way

I am nearly 4 weeks into this lean-out challenge and for the most part, it is going well. I have dropped 6.5 pounds and, while my main goal is not to lose weight, I am not minding it a bit. My main goal is to eat clean and be able to double-up on my training while keeping my family intact, my love life alive, my job secure, and my body injury-free. It's going well! Ironman, here I come!

*husband likes me, even though I am busy, busy!
*kids are up-to-date with their schoolwork (not a small thing)
*got the fastest time for the day in a CrossFit workout (first time EVER!! including the guys' times!!)
*did not falter even once on my eating goals (clean, clean, clean!)
*lesson plans turned in on time w/tests written
*got my bike trainer, got it set up, and rode it all in one evening!!
*ran hills at a 7% grade (I thought I was going to die.)
*went snowboarding with my fantastic nephew and didn't hurt myself!
*got more than 6 hours of sleep 6 out of 7 days (that is amazing for me)
*pants are too big

*need to return phone calls
*paid one bill late :(
*got a dressing down by my boss (it's all good)
*spaced off a meeting about a relay I am running in June
*son wore a dirty uniform shirt because I have been behind on laundry
*have a pile of papers to grade that is 2 inches thick
*pants are too big

I am enjoying the process of living and am looking forward to what each day brings. Tomorrow, I hope it is sleeping past 7 a.m. Happy weekend!

ps: burpees, my fave thing!

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Luisa Perkins said...

Woohoo! What was the WOD that you pwned? Very impressive!