Sunday, March 21, 2010

Personal Victories

AH, personal victories. What are those? I think they occur when we accomplish something that has been hanging over our head for some time, and one day: voila! Victory!

A few have come my way recently. Some I have worked for; some just seemed to "occur."

*a nagging ache around Faith's retainer seemed to be linked with careful toothbrushing-gone!
*my minivan has miraculously disappeared! (bon voyage, van!) -it has been replaced with a cute sort-of-little suv that has amazing air conditioning!
*hubs has found a great source of employment that he believes in enough to work for someone else -amazing!
*we have plans to go out of town for Spring Break!! yay! to a green, lovely place, no less :)
*I hit a PR on my 1/2 marathon time that has been eluding me for a few races now-a 1:45, which put me in the top 10% of my age group--this leads to the fact that:
*I am no longer a "mid-packer"--the bane of my running existence! haha! this is due to:
*my training for the race in a completely different way: I followed the CrossFit Endurance approach; this translates to training in 1/3 of my previous training time!
*Noah's 'tween angst seems to be on hold with the introduction to a (very carefully monitored) FB account-Mr. Happy is so entertained by playing with the tweaky camera on my laptop! He believes he is a very funny guy!
*I was finally able to string 5 pull-ups together in a workout the other day--nice! (I could do them before, just not in a row. I would have to drop off the bar every 2 or 3 before this.)

Why are these PERSONAL victories? Because they probably don't mean anything to anyone but ME. I feel great! :)

(now if I could just remember everyone's birthdays on their proper days, THAT would be awesome! [sorry, Cyn!])


Luisa Perkins said...

These are all amazing and very meaningful! Fantastic news. Email me and tell me about Dave's work!

Karen said...

Awesome! I am very happy for you and your is the best feeling to have everything just work out! :)