Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Rain Has Gone

It is now Day 7 of the leaning challenge. I feel pretty good and am eating dead-on, with one small exception. Yesterday, I participated in a CrossFit competition where participants completed three workouts, spaced and hour or two apart, over the course of 6 hours or so. I was going to say, over the course of the day, but with my first one at 10:40 a.m., and my last workout at 2:30, it wasn't all day. Crazy.

The workouts included running, rowing, lifting stuff (like 75 lb. barbells) as often as you can for 90 second intervals, jumping on a box (24" high), more running, throwing a 14-lb medicine ball 8 1/2 feet up to a target on a wall (called 'wall balls'), swinging 35lb. kettlebells (this is a roundish-shaped weight with a handle on the top for swinging purposes), oh, and walking lunges for 50 meters, while holding a 25-lb plate over one's head. Then, more makes me tired all over again just typing the exercises! I didn't come in last place, which was my goal, and I had a great time hanging out with my hubby and my fellow gym buddies.

Usually, after a heavy competition (triathlon, marathon, whatever), I reward myself with relaxation and FOOD! As I am trying to lean out, indulging in the food thing that usually includes a gooey ice cream treat wasn't an option. So I got a frozen yogurt from our local Red Mango and it was heavenly! The yogurt itself is frozen tart yogurt with the live cultures and non-refined sugar. Topping options include fruit, nuts, granola, some sweet cereals, coconut, and mochi. My flavor of choice last night: pumpkin spice with sliced almonds. Eating clean sure has changed my taste buds! It was plenty sweet and creamy!

Do these things really matter in life? Is all this CrossFitting and eating a particular way really something I need to worry about? Well, yes: it keeps me fit and strong and, I may add, keeps a certain level of sanity going in my life. Added to that are those elements of life that are key: my relationships with my husband and children, my connectedness to God, and finding ways to reasonably put all these things in order on a daily basis. Oh yeah, and I have a job too. Therefore, my focus is this: balancing priorities + keeping sanity = joy, fulfillment, and survival!

As my body leans out, I feel my focus coming into line as well. It is as if I needed to clean out the sugar-clutter of my brain to see what's going on. I can see clearly now... :)

ps. This is a picture of me & my sweet grandbaby, Lily. She was born on September 10, 2009!


Luisa Perkins said...

You're a machine!

cynthia greenhalgh said...

Grandma?!! Wow. You rock. D and I just went to the CrossFit gym last week and did the first workout. Pull-ups suck for me! You ARE a machine!