Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Work Is Cut Out

I have decided that I need a farm. I need to grow stuff. I'd like to raise animals. I keep dreaming of green places. Is the Utah winter getting to me? Perhaps, yet I'd like to think of this thought process as a clue phone to finding a balance between work and play. 

R-r-r-r-i-ing! R-r-r-r-i-ing! (says the clue phone)

"Hello?" I answer.

"Yes, this is your life calling. Stop running in circles and do something. Find a patch of earth and grow stuff. Bring your family to green pastures."

"Uhm, ok. Let me figure this out. Give me a little time."

"Yah. Don't take too long! Your children are growing and they need this." (clue phone rings off)
Can this bring sustenance and fulfillment in a worldy sense, yet in a spiritual sense as well? I'm looking into it...wish me luck. I've got a lot to do. 


Luisa Perkins said...

Have you been shopping for green pastures lately? Let me know what you think of your Christmas present, since it very much applies. xoxox

Karen said...

hmmm, sounds nice! Growing stuff is so fulfilling...when it grows! :)