Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I'm Sore!

Oh my! I know that people work out all the time, and people do lots of hard things that make them tired. But I gotta tell you, I did a new kind of workout on Monday and I am STILL sore. The bummer is that the parts that are sore are the ones I use all the time! Yah, it's true: my arms and shoulders are dead. Still.

Writing on the whiteboard at school. Ack. Pulling staples out of the bulletin board. Wince! Putting on sunscreen. Yikes...and all I did were a few push-ups, dips and fake muscle-ups! And now, I am a doddering old lady! That means I am out of shape in more ways than I care to admit! 

Today, we did front squats. Dave called my workout "an old, fat man's workout." So, I guess my new persona is an old, fat man. 'Cause it kicked my bum. Literally!  So, now, besides my arms, shoulders, triceps, biceps, and RIBS being sore, add to that my bum, quads, and hamstrings! I stumbled around today, running into things and moving ever so slowly.  But here's the weird part: I want to go back for more!!  


BRING IT ON, GRANDMA!! (that's me, by the way. In just a few months now!!)

Oh, wait! I am an old, fat MAN, remember???? So, 

(tee hee!)

ps. that is me, on my wedding day, in 1995. How does one go from that to an old, fat man? I ask you...


cedar said...

glad you're back. thanks for the pie. <3.

Karen said...

I think I need that workout! :)

Luisa Perkins said...

You are so NOT old and fat. But me lovey the CrossFit!