Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Heebs

I just had a truly harrowing experience.  I had planned to post about the incredible (to me) run that I had this morning, but instead, I need to tell you about coming face to face with a fear of mine:  creepy-crawlies.

Yes, it is true, folks, I do not like things that may creep up on me and crawl on me with their little, gross legs.  Or, in this case, big gross legs.  I was getting a bit of a chill after my run this morning, so I decided to get into the shower.  As I was closing the shower curtain, I thought I saw something move out of the corner of my eye.  Yes!  There is was--a huge spider!  I am not talking an exaggerated-ly big spider, I am talking about an actual huge spider.  One that was so big, when I finally got the thing sprayed down the tub, IT WOULD NOT FIT DOWN THE DRAIN!  It sat there, partially out of sight, with two of its disgusting legs clinging to the edge of the drain stopper, all stubborn-like, just waiting for me to close my eyes while I rinsed my hair to jump out and try to escape.  Which happened.  OooooooooH!

After that, I kept my eyes glued to that thing while I rinsed my hair, soaped up, washed my face and got the conditioner out of my hair.  Yes, I got two different kinds of soap in my eye, but it was worth it!  I stared that thing down and it stayed there, at the drain, waiting for me to leave. I had major adrenaline going the entire shower!  Now, 15 minutes later, I am writing this and can barely get my granola down because I still have the heebs.  So unfair.

I have decided that large spiders, cockroaches, and crickets freak me out, not because I think they are going to EAT me, but because they are so pickin' unpredictable!  THAT is was gets me--I never know where the little buggers are going to GO, whether it is up my leg or far away to the corner.

Anyway, enough of that.  I need to get my breakfast down.  And then go see if that darn spider is still stuck in my drain.  It better not be...

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Jenna said...

GROSS! I could feel that! I've had that same exact thing happen, staring down a spider in the shower with adrenaline pumping. NOT fun. They are so unpredictable, you're right.