Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Goods

I know, I know.  It has been forever.  But now that I have been home for over a week, I feel I can do a list that has been formulating in my mind with a better perspective.  I'll call it "Goods on Hawaii, Goods on Utah".  Here goes, and not in any particular order, I might add:

1.  the climate (duh)
2.  the view from my makai (oceanside) deck and from my mauka (mountainside) deck
3.  great running buddy
4.  beach--perfect for walking, running, playing, heading out to swim & surf
5.  home schooling
6.  driving along the North Shore
7.  slow pace of life
8.  fresh, local produce year-round
9.  wearing a pa'u skirt and dancing hula in the kitchen with Sis
10.gorgeous mountains--the fuzzy kind

1.  gorgeous mountains--the rugged kind
2.  great running climate--nice and cold
3.  accessibility to family, friends and Target
4.  land space to spread out
5.  the ability to take a different running or biking route every time you head out
6.  the gym
7.  cheap groceries (!)
8.  road trips
9.  an accessible time zone
10.Sam, Adam, Andrew and Candace--my babies (birthed and borrowed)

Many of you know (as if "many" read this blog!) that we are planning to move back to the mainland this year.  On a recent trip to Utah, I became determined to see however much good that could come from such a move as possible.  I refuse to be known as the negative type, so off to the goods it is!

(wish me luck!)


luisaj said...

Oh! Is that shave ice you are eating? The good, good kind from the north shore? Yum!! Everyone looks so happy!

Luisa Perkins said...

Wow. Please post photos of your two views! It sounds like paradise.

Jenna said...

You're moving back? Tell me more! Did you know that Hawaii would only be temporary?

anjmae said...

Jenna, in our family, all moves are temporary unless otherwise notified! ;)