Monday, December 17, 2007

A-Randoming We Will Go

Today, my lovely sister tagged me for this "10 Random Things About Me" meme and I have been thinking about it ever since.  So, in no particular order (duh, RANDOM) here we go:

1.  When I am old(er), I want to teach at a university and have grey hair and ride my motorcycle to classes and have a great time molding young minds and grading lame papers.

2.  I hate cookie dough.  I taste it when I bake to check for salt, but it gives me the heebs.

3.  I am afraid of old carpet.  When I move into a place, I have to change the carpet or I can't sit on it.  

4.  Dolphins fascinate me.  I know it sounds cliche, but I love, love them and I want to be one.  I swam out to be near them at Waimea recently and I could hear them calling to each other under the water.  It was incredible.

5.  I have always wanted to be a folk singer.  I can only sing in a very limited range and I don't know how to play the guitar, but I know I could do it if I had the chance.   

6.  I want to be on Survivor.  I have a great idea for an audition tape...

7.  I never get blisters when I run.  Even during my longest runs.  I know that sounds like bragging, but it truly does surprise me from time to time, like during last week's marathon, where I ran in wet shoes and socks for the first 18 miles (after that, just my socks were wet. No blisters).

8.  I don't eat pork.  Ever.

9.  I am slightly obsessed with cultural dancing and music.  I love to lose myself in other cultures--it makes me feel grounded somehow.

10.  I have a grey eyebrow.  It is over my left eye and not very obvious.  But I found it.  And now it must die. 

There.  I don't know ten people to tag, but everyone should do this!  It is fun!  And, what is more fun than FUN?!!?

So have a great day and celebrate your randomness.  Your 'you'-ness.  You ROCK!   

ps.  the guy in this picture really did run the marathon wearing just this red thing.  I passed him on several occasions and every time, I have to admit, I did a double-take.  Why?  I ask you, why?  I just don't get it...


Luisa Perkins said...

This is so very AWESOME! Thanks for playing; I loved laughing over the whole list (and that photo--yikes).

luisaj said...

Why, indeed! Did the man in the photo need a reason? The laugh I got reading your comment was reason enough. Maybe his house burned to the ground and all he had left were his shoes, his marathon registration, and the clothes on his, um, front. I'm still laughing.

cedar said...

angie you were made for survivor. the thought makes me smile

Jenna said...

You are so cool! I always knew it.