Thursday, December 27, 2007

Lucky Number Seven (plus one)

8 am.  20 degrees Fahrenheit.  Heading out the door for a run?
Yes, it is true.  I am in the land of the cold, home of the frigid (Utah).  I went out for a run again this morning and realized that I really like to run in the cold!  For some reason, I feel like I can run forever when I can't feel my leg muscles.  Hmmmm...
The time out did allow for some random thoughts to enter my brain, which is helpful for another randomness theme for my post today.  I wasn't officially tagged, but I am participating in the "7 Things About Me" meme anyway.  So, FYI:

1.  I think the lint from the dryer is cool.  I like to pick it out of the receptacle.  I found myself doing that at my in-laws' house this morning while changing over the laundry in a sort of OCD-kind of way.

2.  I like to fill out forms.  Doctor offices, job applications, school applications, health forms, you name it.  I often fill forms out for Dave just because I like to do it.

3.  I have hair envy.  My hair is thin and scraggly and no matter how much I want it to grow out and be full and shiny and pretty, it never will be that way.  So I envy others' hair.  Sometimes, I ask to touch their hair.  If they let me, (without getting that funny look on their face that says I am strange) it makes me happy.  If I can brush and braid it, even better.

4.  I can't see properly with my left eye.  This is somewhat inconvenient, since I am left-handed. Thus, I have learned to wield sports equipment from several sports (tennis, fencing, water polo, etc.) with my right hand.   Try it sometime.

5.  On the left eye thing, it isn't as if I can't see anything with it.  It is just that it can't really understand what is going on.  For instance, if I know you, and you walk in the room while I am looking with only my left eye, I would not recognize you by sight alone.  I would be able to see you clearly, but the connection that allows me to say, "oh, that is so-and-so" is, well, not connected.  It is weird how one eye knows the colour green, but the other cannot remember that name.

6.  I do not get grossed out by blood or needles.  I like to watch when I get blood taken to see the technique of the phlebotomist.  When I see blood, I think that there has got to be something to fix, but I don't always know how, so we go to the ER.  

7.  I would love to get my master's degree in anatomy.  I totally geek out when people start talking body parts.

Now you know.  Will life ever be the same?

ps.  I guess it will be eight today:  I was in a hula festival.  See if you can tell which one is me.


Luisa Perkins said...

I will say it again: You. Slay. Me. Great job! And no, you are NOT chopped liver. Thanks for playing.

And of course I can tell which one is you.

Jenna said...

Even cooler! I can't wait till you hit 100 posts and make the BIG LIST.