Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Let down your emotional hair!

Oh my! Has it really been three weeks since I've posted? Well, I did move after all. I guess that is a good reason, if there is one. It is a good thing I did not commit to NaMoBloMo, or whatever it is, like my lovely sister did, because I would have failed miserably!

On to other things: I was vinyasa-ing* through one of my Baron Baptiste DVDs this morning and as I was in this twisted-triangle-y thing, I realised that I was struggling through the pose. I was starting to panic--I have really tight hips and hamstrings, partly due to my running. And then I heard Baron say, in his smooth voice: "Let down your emotional hair." Oh YEAH! I was uptight! I was feeling cranky about my hips! I was holding it IN!

Several yoga instructors I have had have told us students how much emotion we, especially women, hold in our hips. By holding poses that bring us close to the edge of our tolerance, yet breathing through them, we actually can let go of a lot of tension and anxiety. Believe me, it works. I remember being at a yoga workshop (led by Baron himself--remember, Jenna?) and being in a really difficult (for me) hip opener. As I struggled, Baron walked over, placed his hand on my sacrum and said, "Just let it go." I totally did! And, alarmingly, I started to cry! But I left that day with more a more open, relaxed body and mind. It worked today as well--I feel HAPPY!

I did not intend to extoll the virtues of yoga in this post, but as usual, I get going and woah! a tangent!
But a daily yoga practice is one huge way, for me, to let down my emotional hair. Recognize it, let it go and, along with some deep breathing, move on...

Sometimes, when I walk out of a movie where the heroine was particularly spunky or emotionally carefree, I find myself wanting to be more like that. I try to smile more often and let the little things just roll off my back. We all have our stresses, true, but do they have to RULE our lives? Must we stuff stress and emotions down into our hips and back? No, I say--it is not necessary! Let us practice just letting it out, and letting it go--whatever "it" is. Workers, unite!** Take a deep ujjayi breath and LET IT GO!!!!!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving! And, if your food for some reason does not turn out, it is OK! If you eat too much, it is FINE! If you sleep through dinner, OH WELL! If your children fight, send them OUTSIDE! It will be an incredible day! Seriously, what other day can you eat pie with such abandon?

*vinyasa, as you probably know, is movement with breath, i.e., breathe in, bring your arms up over your head. Breathe out, and lower them back to your sides...
**No, I am not a Marxist.


Luisa Perkins said...

I really needed this post this morning! Thanks! I hope the move went well. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

luisaj said...

You've moved??? Happy Thanksgiving, wherever you are. XO

Jenna said...

Oh, this post was so timely for me! And of course I remember! That was such a great experience!