Thursday, November 1, 2007

I Made 37!

Here in the Islands, when your birthday passes, you do not 'turn' to your next year, you achieve another year, as in, "My son just made 13" or "Your dad made 86?" Thus, upon my birthday, I made 37--just a few days ago, in fact.
In my mind, it is not the number that surprises me, it is the sheer number of events that have occured in these thirty-seven years. And, how fast the years have gone by! It makes sense that when you are young, the years seems to go by more slowly. Each year of, say, a nine-year-old's life is a larger proportion of their life compared to mine. To me, the time just seems to flip by, like when you thumb the edges of the pages of a book. My husband Dave and I realized that when twelve more years have passed (this is the number of years we have been married thus far), my youngest child will be graduated from high school!

So, I have decided that I need to make a list, of sorts, of things that I want to do before the next 12 years go by:
* see all of my children through their educations
* finish the sewing AND knitting projects in my sewing bin (before adding new ones--key!)
* pursue graduate studies
* make that trip to India
* become a grandmother (the odds are definitely in my favour...)
* complete an Ironman triathlon
* complete a yoga teacher training course
* own and operate a farm (what kind of farm? you may ask...I don't know that part yet! Just get me those barnyard animals!)
* spend a summer learning Spanish in an immersion school with my family

So far, so good...I may add to the list as I see fit. But they say the first step to recovery is stating the issues at hand, right? My goal is to capture these years and make them COUNT! Plus, it'll be fun! (I hope my husband and children agree!!)

PS. When I "make" 40, I plan to run forty miles! Want to come with?


luisaj said...

Oh, I love your list! Great plans. I hope you are able to cross all the items off. You have inspired me to make a list for myself. Thanks!

Luisa Perkins said...

Hey, crazy lady! Great list. How about if I row 40 miles instead? My new rower ROCKS.

anjmae said...

that would be cool to row 40 miles! how long would that take?